What is my One-on-One Coaching Program?

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Welcome! I’m Antonia Lo Giudice, Life and Leadership Coach. After spending many years in a situation I didn’t want to be in, I overcame many barriers and let go of my emotional baggage to living my dream. Today, I share my experiences and knowledge to inspire others to do the same. I would love to help you to let go of barriers and achieve peace of mind to bring the long lasting joy you’ve been longing in your life.

Do these thoughts play in your mind often:

  • This is not how my life was supposed to be. How did I get here?
  • Why do I always feel this way?
  • I wish I could stop being angry, jealous, frustrated…
  • I’m not good enough to… or, I’m too old to…
  • Why does this always happen to me?
  • I should have done…. Or, I shouldn’t have done…
  • I’ll be so happy when…
Do you have constant worries about the future? Or, do you have constant feelings of regret or guilt about the past
Whether it’s career orientated, a personal goal, a relationship or dealing with an undesirable situation, I have created my coaching program to help you become aware and let go of your negative thoughts, fears, feeling unworthy, insecurities and low self confidence. It will be personalized to your individual and unique situation. You will release the heavy burden of your mind and gain control over being all you can be and the life you want!

I work with individuals who:

  • Want to feel good about themselves and  let go of their bad emotions
  • Understand their psychological blocks, confront them, change their beliefs and pursue their passion in life
  • Have a better understanding of themselves to be able to solve their life problems and live a happier life
  • Want to make a life change but need the support of a mentor through the process

Expected results:

  • Clarifying emotional wounds and identifying a viable way to remove them
  • Working through fear and anxiety that accompany embarking on a journey of a major change
  • Planning and prioritizing where to start when wanting to make a life change
  • Getting rid of unwanted emotions
  • Discover your strengths and unique value
  • Gain self-confidence and feel good about yourself

Your privacy

All of the communications done between us will be private and will not be shared with any third party.

What other people have to say about my services

“I am amazed on a daily basis with the level of wisdom contained in such a young gal. Antonia is a mentor. She can’t help it, she was born this way. She will celebrate your successes like a high school cheerleader or lead you gently in the right path when you deviate. She always seems to know the road to follow, the people that should be involved and the smiles that should be distributed. Her secret weapon: she knows how to make people shine by mirroring the light onto them while she stands beside you discreetly, supportively.

Antonia is the calm pilot that leads you through the storm. Never afraid, not even of making mistakes, she will conquer anyone with her honest common sense and her sweetness. She will guide you in believing in yourself and doing the impossible.”

Anick Viau
“Antonia is a great coach! She has shown me how to reflect and learn from my mistakes towards growing as a better person. Antonia will not show you how to change your weaknesses but she will allow you to control them and bring out your strengths. Her coaching allowed me to excel in my professional life when I felt frustrated and hopeless. As a manager, I have used her coaching methods with my employees on a regular basis and will continue to do so.”
Paul Haddad
“Before I met Antonia, I lacked the necessary skills to complete projects. I was good at identifying problems but never had the ability and expertise to solve them. Antonia showed me the steps involved in a problem-solving process. As a result, I have been taught how to identify a problem, come up with a plan of action and how to follow through with it. This has brought me a great deal of pride and satisfaction.

Due to Antonia, I am self-motivated and passionate about my work as I am confident that I can deal with any issue that may arise. I now make full use of my experience, creativity and critical thinking skills. And rest assured that Antonia gets an individual to reach their true potential.”

Steven Holly
“Antonia has probably been the single-most motivating person I have met. After having been stuck in an unfulfilling professional and personal environment for many years, she inspired me and gave me the courage to press the reset button. This time building myself the life I want to live rather than the one I kind of fell into. Changing my life required me to ask myself hard questions, Antonia guided me in finding my answers.”
Jonathan Roy

Programs and Pricing


$90 USD per Month

Half-Hour Introduction Call

1 One-Hour Call per Month

Personalized Practices

Digital Audio Recording of our Calls

Taking Action

$165 USD per Month

Half-Hour Introduction Call

2 One-Hour Calls per Month

Personalized Practices

Digital Audio Recording of our Calls

Reach New Heights

$300 USD per Month

Half-Hour Introduction Call

4 One-Hour Calls per Month

Personalized Practices

Digital Audio Recording of our Calls

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